About Us

We are a Los Angeles based company composed of local business professionals and researchers motivated to provide better clarity and key insights for both advertising media buyers and sellers such as advertisers, advertising agencies, and outdoor media owners by providing audit and research services for various advertising media such as traditional out-of-home (OOH), digital out-of-home (DOOH), print, in-store/retail, and digital.

We provide third party audit and custom research services to help advertisers, advertising media owners, and advertising agencies ensure that their advertising media contracts are properly fulfilled and executed, ad metrics are independently and accurately verified, specialized analysis to produce brand and ad insights, consumer surveys to receive feedback and data, and any other special requests that our clients may have.

We utilize many highly trained field professionals in order to gather information such as demographics, photo and video of advertising media, consumer data and feedback, traffic, and impression metrics to aid in producing our audit and research reports, so that our clients can receive as much analysis as possible. Our in house team further helps in conducting research and analysis in order to provide various data about potential advertising mediums, displays, brand insights, and consumers.

We focus on advertising media within Southern California, specifically Los Angeles county and its surrounding areas in order to specialize and utilize our greater knowledge of the region. We can often accommodate requests for analysis and research of advertising in other areas of the United States, provided the work can be conducted remotely.

We hope you find our website helpful and will gladly accommodate any questions and/or further information that you would like to learn about. Please refer to our contact & inquire section in order to get in touch.


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